Corporate responsibility at Cars Commerce is driven by our desire to build a culture and business that cares about our people, our customers, our community and our planet. Upholding the highest standards of integrity, inclusion and responsible business operating practices is in our DNA. As chief executive officer, I am proud that teammates across all levels of our organization — from our Board of Directors to our newest employees — play a part in upholding our commitments to environmental, social and governance practices.

- Alex Vetter — Chief Executive Officer and Director

Cars Commerce is committed to operating a responsible, community-minded business defined by intention, purpose and respect. Leadership is a constant state of learning, so we look closely — and frequently — at every aspect of our operations to evaluate if we’re doing things the right way for the company, employees and our communities. When we see opportunities to improve, we make fearless, meaningful and measurable changes.

We also know our influence and responsibility extend beyond the “walls'' of Cars Commerce and are proud to use our platform to create, foster and support inclusive economic opportunities for those whose businesses — often independent or family-owned — are pillars of their communities, providing jobs, driving the regional economy and sponsoring local youth programs. But our efforts don’t stop there. Cars Commerce joins organizations like Women in Auto and the National Association of Minority Automotive Dealers (NAMAD) to advocate for underrepresented groups in automotive retail, and through public policy, disaster relief, sponsorships and other initiatives, we are in active pursuit of amore fair, just and equitable experience for our customers and industry partners.