Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Social Accountability: All Are Welcome Here

DE&I efforts must be a way of life and a way of work, ingrained in our culture as individuals and as a company, so we take proactive steps to ensure the people — at all levels — who create our culture and influence our business have the resources to make DE&I a priority and a habit.

We believe in, support and defend the inalienable rights of individuals to participate freely in democracy, to live without fear as their true and whole selves, and to be afforded equitable, just and fair opportunities to exercise and experience their freedoms as human beings.

Every day, CARS team members contribute their perspectives and insights to four Employee Resource Groups, foster understanding and growth through mentorship programs, and become smarter, more empathetic professionals by participating in learning and development programs, such as our quarterly unconscious bias training and events focused on highlighting the LGBTQIA+ community, International Women’s Day and Black History Month.

CARS is powered by a commitment to recruit, retain and develop diverse, smart, dedicated professionals who provide unique points of view and contribute to high-functioning teams. Intentional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives and robust professional development programs help us live this commitment every day, and it starts at the top.

Put into practice, these metrics have driven changes to talent acquisition processes that further encourage diverse hiring. We have:

  • Increased career development and training opportunities by 25%, including the introduction of a quarterly unconscious bias training.
  • More than 40% of our employees engaged in some form of additional voluntary learning outside of annual compliance training requirements; CARS offers individual instruction and certifications across thousands of topics and interests, all designed to expand skills and knowledge and advance careers.
  • Conducted anonymous, company-wide surveys twice per year to gauge employee satisfaction and engagement, and to seek ways to continually improve the culture of the company. Participation consistently exceeds 80%, and the insights are shared with the executive management team and the Board of Directors to help identify areas for organizational improvement.

We have also implemented top-down diversity initiatives, taking Board-level action in the areas that matter most, including adding ESG oversight by the Environmental, Social and Governance Committee and establishing five key DE&I metrics linked to executive compensation:

  • Diversity in talent acquisition
  • Retention of diverse employees
  • Pay equity
  • Learning and development
  • Succession planning

As of Dec. 31, 2020, CARS had approximately 1,500 full-time employees. In total, 46.3% of our employees identify as female and 22.7% identify as having a racial and ethnic background other than white.

Our CARS executive management team consists of 10 members, and 30% identify as female, 30% identify as having a racial and ethnic background other than white and 30% self identify as LGBTQIA+. In addition, our Board of Directors consists of 11 members, three members (27%) who identify as female and three members (27%) as having a racial and ethnic background other than white.

CARS understands diversity, equity and inclusion is a journey, and while we are proud of the milestones we’ve reached, we know there’s more road to travel.