Ethics Reporting Guidelines

Every employee is responsible for ensuring that the company’s actions and associations maintain the highest professional standards. All employees are obliged to report any actual or suspected violation of company policy (including violations of accounting or auditing policy) or any suspected violation of the laws governing the Company’s business. Reports can be made:

Electronically at:

Or by phone at:

  • USA- English: 800-916-7037
  • USA- Spanish: 855-765-7249
  • Canada: 800-916-7037

Both electronic and phone submissions are available 24/7. There is no need to identify yourself, if you prefer not to. All reports will be confidential except as necessary to conduct investigations. prohibits retaliation, or taking any action with the intent to retaliate, against anyone who in good faith raises questions or concerns about ethics and compliance, makes a report about a potential violation of any company policy or participates in any investigation. No one will be disciplined or suffer retribution for reporting violations. Retaliation or a threat of retaliation is a serious violation of the Code of Conduct that will result in appropriate disciplinary action, including and up to termination of employment.